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We Secure Your Digital Footprint

Threat simulation

Threat Simulations will assess how your people, processes, and technology are working together to actively defend your enterprise. Enable you to better understand your detection, response, and analysis capabilities.

Penetration Testing

Identify and validate exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, applications and facilities before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Focus areas include advanced Network, Application and Physical Penetration Testing.

Social Engineering

Exploiting weaknesses in human nature, rather than hardware and software. Social Engineering tests human susceptibility to deceitful persuasion and manipulation through Email Phishing, Phone, Fax and Physical Pretexting.

Mobile applications

Objective for an application penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in code, system, network , application, databases , Api’s etc before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. 


Security is a Bussiness Risk,

not just a Technical one

Companies that get hacked have a bigger problem than just paying for the initial damage costs and lawsuits. Reputation damage can be devastating to a company’s fortunes. If a bank has been compromised multiple times, customers are less likely to give them their personal information. The same goes for retailers who lose information to hackers. These companies lose business over time because of damaged or weakened reputations

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To protect your business from nasty hackers, helping you design secure applications, getting you security compliant, or designing your whole security program from the scratch.

we are here to provide every security need that you may imagine.


Organisations That We Helped To Be more Secure 

Some Things Are Better Left To Experts 

We are a team of highly trained and certified Ethical Hackers and industry leaders with decades worth of experience under our belt. We are regularly deployed by organizations and Industry giants to protect their infrastructure. So when you use our services you can be sure your security is in the best hands.

True Partnership

We strive to be a fixed and reliable resource well before and more importantly, well after the final report has been delivered. Whether it’s sitting in on your meetings, providing quick advice, or augmenting your team on an ongoing basis.


Individualized attention, high-touch, near-constant communication, advanced manual testing. We pour a lot of time and resources into ensuring a fantastic deliverable and more importantly, an exceptional customer experience whether it’s your organization’s first or its hundredth assessment.

Security For Everyone

Security For Business’s, Start-up’s, & Large organizations

We believe in security is the business need of everyone, so choose from our plans that suites your needs and let us secure you.